We Sell Prescott
We Bring New Buyers to Prescott Every Week

Why Would You List Your Home With Anyone Else?

We Sell Prescott

We Bring New Buyers to Prescott EVERY WEEK
Why Would You List Your Home With Anyone Else?

Prescott Seller's Kit


  • Your Latest Comps: Find out what your neighbors' house sold for so you can price yours for maximum value
  • Common Scams: Don't fall for the tricks bad agents use to sucker in clients; learn what to look for and what to ask
  • Staging Tips: How to make your home worth more without spending a lot of money
  • Latest Techniques: Discover how to seek out qualified buyers and get their attention
  • CRAZY Delicious Pickles!
HOME SELLER'S RESOURCES: Here are some free tools, tips and tricks to get focused and get your house sold

Prescott Real Estate & Corona

Many homeowners in the Prescott area are wondering what our current pandemic will mean to the local real estate industry. This article explores how the local industry is coping with the new reality and bracing for another surge in buyer demand.  

Virtual Open Houses

Selling your Prescott-area home doesn't mean you have to open the gates to strangers parading inside your open house... and exposing you to possible infection.  Check out our virtual open houses for selected Prescott-area homes.  

Neighborhood Comp Reports

Do your property value estimates come from some stranger... or (heaven forbid) Zillow?
Download our Appraiser's Eye Report and reliably estimate the value of homes in the Prescott area... without being a big math nerd. See the market the way an professional appraiser would, with all the latest market comps drilled down and organized to make estimates a snap.

Our Weekly Wine Down

Take a moment to uncork and catch up with what's going on in real estate... and life in general in Prescott. 

What's Your Home Worth Now?

The property market has been a wild ride. Do you know how much your home is worth now?

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Janet Bussell-Eriksson
Janet Bussell-Eriksson,
  • ​Associate Broker
  • ​Listing Specialist 
  • ​Designer Extraordinaire - BA in Interior Design from Art Institute Ft. Lauderdale
  • ​General Contractor 
  • ​Certified Luxury Home Specialist & Director of the Luxury Home Tour
Pickle Lady - Diane Breaux
Diane Breaux,
The "Prescott Pickle Lady"
  • ​Specializes in bringing out-of-state home-buyers into the Prescott market
  • ​Maintains a database of thousands of retirees looking for Prescott homes
  • ​Makes delicious Cajun-style pickles that clients adore
Never underestimate the power of a good pickle!
Randal Breaux
Randal Breaux,
  • ​Technology & Online Marketing Expert
  • ​Shrewd negotiator and process manager
  • ​Over 25 years experience in business consulting with top firms around the country
  • ​Harvard degree in Computer Science and an MBA from Tulane
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