Plus US Mail & Moving Services

 Deadline: Sellers should cancel the utilities as of the day of closing.  Buyers should have all of their main utilities (electric, natural gas and sewer/water) and set up to start on the day of closing.  

The Easy "One Call" Approach

Our Free Live Human Concierge Service

Moving requires making LOTS of phone calls.  Calls to set up new utilities, shut down old utilities... plus internet... plus changing your US mail address.  Lots of numbers to track down, and phone calls to make.  Plus you also have to deal with movers, moving storage, moving supplies... It's a lot!

Well, we have good news!  We have a personal concierge service to assist you in doing all this stuff.  You will be assisted by a real live human being, not an automatic bot or anything like that.  All they do all day long is help people in your situation to get all these things done.  So they are pretty good at it.  You will find it a lot quicker, simpler, and more efficient than figuring out everything on your own and spending hours on hold.

To access our free concierge serviceclick here,
Or call at (800) 611-5489.

Note: Some companies do not allow the concierge service to handle your account for you.  In those cases, the concierge will let you know and give you the contact information you need.

The Old School Approach

If you insist on making all the calls yourself, you certainly can.  
Here is the contact information for utilities etc. in the area...
(Enjoy the hold music!)
APS: 928-776-3636 |  aps.com

Natural Gas
Unisource Energy Services: 877-837-4968 |  uesaz.com

Cable / Internet
Sparklight:  928-445-4511

City of Prescott:  928-777-1291

 Trash Collection
(May be included in the City of Prescott’s water/sewer fees or in your HOA fees, so verify with the city and check your HOA documents before setting up a separate trash collection account.)
Trash Waste Management: 928-713-7503
 Patriot Disposal: 928-775-9000

 Set up automatically through Escrow

Movers & Supplies


US Mail
File your change of address with the Post Office.  If you are a Seller, please make sure we have your new address as well.

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