Paint is Your Friend

Most sellers don’t want to hear it… but when it comes to maximizing the selling price of your home, your best friend is just a bucket away: It’s paint! In this episode the Pickle Lady shares some horror stories of selling disasters that could have been covered up with an quick and easy coat or two.

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Let Us Show You Houses

When people are just starting to consider moving to Prescott, they aren’t ready to buy… and often that means they are hesitant to reach out to an agent because they don’t want to “waste their time.” The Pickle Lady’s position is that any agent that thinks taking undecided potential buyers out around town is a waste of time is not an agent that is worthy of the title. See the sparks fly as Ol’ Pickles takes a hard stand on this controversial issue.

You’re Not My Agent, But…

We bend over backwards for our clients all the time – going over and beyond the “call of duty.” We are very proud of that. But if you insist on working with a different agent, shouldn’t THEY be ones bending over for you?

Some people just don’t get that. In this episode, the Pickle Lady gets a little feisty recollecting some outrageous demands made by people who readily admit that they are not working with her as their agent. Hilarious!

Virtual Revolution

The pandemic has given rise to a new way of doing real estate – a virtual revolution; and, as always, the Pickle Lady is at the front of the charge. In this episode we explore the what, the why, and the how of real estate’s latest innovations.

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