Big Personalities Beware

Charming, loving family homes are very personalized - and often very hard to sell.  In our continuing series on home staging, we explain why that is and what you should do about it to capture top value for your home.  Check it out!
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Why Color Can Cost You Big Money

Often the things that make a house a home are the very things that will cost you plenty when it's time to sell.  This is particularly true when it come to color choices.  

In our continuing series on home staging, we offer our tips on paints, finishes, and color choices.  Check it out! 
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Simplifying to Sell

Real estate has gotten kind of spiritual.  Life coaches and spiritual healers will tell you that the first and most important step in selling your property is to create a canvas that allows your buyers to paint a picture of their new lives inside your home.  

Deep, right?

While all that may make sense to sellers drinking mushroom tea, you may be looking for some more specific steps - a little less spiritual and a little more concrete.  

Well, in this Wine Down, we bring this concept straight down to earth (where most homes are sold anyway).  Come check it out!
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Escalating Things

In this episode we discuss an approach to making competitive bid situations more fair and effective for everyone.  No, it's not an auction.  It's simpler and getting more and more popular in the Prescott real estate market.
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Animals at Your Service

Exotic pets can be all fun and games... unless you run afoul of the latest real estate laws on what's allowed and what's required of buyers, sellers, and their agents.  In this episode the Pickle Lady reveals all the latest updates, so you can be sure to not step in that.
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Real Estate Twilight Zone

We've been getting lots of questions about homes in Prescott that are "Active with Contingency."  It's a state of nature that can only be found within the confines of the Prescott-area MLS.  In this episode, we explain this eerie twilight state and how it came to be.
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Love Letters

Buyers desperate for a home often like to send the sellers a "love letter," explaining who they are and why they love the home.  If you've ever received one, then you know how touching these letters can be.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have put the kibosh on them, so they're going away.  In this episode, we explain why.
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