The Shovel Test

Good Realtors solve problems, and it is surprising just how many you can solve with the business end of a shovel. In the episode, the Pickle Lady recollects some tricky situations that only digging could resolve – and why that should be important to you.

Corona Vs Prescott Real Estate

What’s gonna be the effect of the corona virus on Prescott real estate? Well, the Pickle Lady has a few tricks up her sleeve, so don’t get too down. Keep your social distance and come join the fun.

UPDATE: A few hours after this was filmed, we received word of the first presumptive positive case of the virus in Yavapai County – up near Sedona.

Also, we have moved toward using virtual open houses instead of in-person tours, which have gone over very well – take a peek.

Spring Pickle Bouquet

Spring is springing and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh Pickle Bouquet. The Pickle Lady shows you how and discusses why RIGHT NOW is an AMAZING time to buy a home in Prescott – especially with all the chaos around the corona virus and stock market upheaval. Savvy investors take note!

UPDATE: This episode was filmed prior to changing rates, which have become volatile. “Dirt” is still a great investment, and a lot more stable.

California Arbitrage

More and more Californians are cashing in on the arbitrage opportunity that awaits them in Prescott. The Pickle Lady explains how the “California Arbitrage” can turbo charge your retirement. Your financial planner will be glad you watched this video.

17 Degrees

When you see the temperature in Prescott is going to be 17 degrees, you may think “the weather outside is frightful.” In this episode the Pickle Lady explains why it may be a lot more delightful than you might realize, and why even folks from the Deep South often find Winter to be the best of Prescott’s four glorious seasons.

Family Safe

Who would ever have thought that the Pickle Lady might be unsafe for family viewing and that our videos might undermine the morals of potential home buyers? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction. In this episode we explain why the morals police put the Pickle Lady on the naughty list and how we got her back on the straight and narrow.

When Size Matters

Looking to bring along some big stuff to your new house? Well, if it don’t fit, don’t force it. The Pickle Lady can help you make sure everything has a place that’s big enough for it, using our very own home-grown technology solution. As you’ll see in the video, it’s as slick as it is nerdy – so relax and let it go!

Outlook 2020

Things have been good here in Prescott, but people are apprehensive. After the big melt down of 2008, they are waiting for the shoe to drop. In this episode, the Pickle Lady shares some thoughts on what makes this build up different and why Prescott has plenty of reason to remain optimistic.