Turkish Treat

From the people we love at St. Michael's Bistro on the corner of Whiskey Row, comes a little offshoot window you might be likely to miss... Don't!  They serve an obscure Turkish treat out of that little window you do not want to miss.  Find out all about it in this episode. 
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County Seat

In the episode we explore yet another great Prescott restaurant located atop one of the town's historic buildings.  Great views, great atmosphere, and good eats.  Come check it out.
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Fast Food

There’s nothing like a fast food fix. If you have a hankering, chances are that Prescott can deliver.

In this episode we cover the Top 5 “Gotta Have” fast food places available in Prescott.

BTW: There is a Wendy’s in Prescott Valley.

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Meat Sticks & More

When it’s comfort food you’re looking for, there’s no better place around than Prescott’s family-owned diner located right in the crook of where Highways 89 and 69 meet – Prescott Junction. Cheeseburgers, meat loaf, home-made pies… with friendly service and 50’s music. Join us as we celebrate the re-opening of their famous breakfast bar, an extravagant spread featuring, among so many other things, the ever-elusive fried meat sticks – which you really don’t want to miss.

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