Voting With Your Feet

The power of voting can be a lot greater than you think, especially when you do it with your feet.  In this episode, we discuss the latest trend sweeping the nation: the Great Reshuffling - and why you might consider hopping aboard.
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LA is Alive Again

LA is finally back open, and taking advantage of the direct flight out of Prescott makes for an easy and fun trip.  In this episode we share our adventures among the recently unmasked and give high praise to Prescott's brand new airport terminal.

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Solar Compass

Identifying where the sun rises and sets isn’t just for constructing megalithic structures in bronze age agricultural societies any more.

Sun exposure can greatly impact the living experience you have in your home and its value in the marketplace. Is there a precise way to track the sun’s path in the sky across the seasons of the year?

Well, ask a nerdy question, get a nerdy answer in this week’s episode. (Always be careful what you ask for.)

Escape California

It’s no secret that a mass exodus is underway in California, as more and more retirees are taking their money and leaving a state they feel has turned its back on them.  This video explores why they are leaving and why more and more of them are turning to Prescott as their refuge.

California Arbitrage

More and more Californians are cashing in on the arbitrage opportunity that awaits them in Prescott. The Pickle Lady explains how the “California Arbitrage” can turbo charge your retirement. Your financial planner will be glad you watched this video.

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California Enclaves… Rancho Prescottonia?

Some new technology (sort of) and some new recognition for guess who…
Plus we discuss California enclaves here in Prescott.

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