The Big Picture

Part of starting a new life in Arizona is making space for pieces of it in your home, and if you have the wall space for it, we know just the thing.  Come check out our own ginormous new addition of Arizona spirit that just couldn't be more beautiful. 
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Voting With Your Feet

The power of voting can be a lot greater than you think, especially when you do it with your feet.  In this episode, we discuss the latest trend sweeping the nation: the Great Reshuffling - and why you might consider hopping aboard.
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Selling Your Existing Home

Some Tips & Resources for Selling Your Existing Home

What’s Your Home’s Value?
We’d be glad to help you get an accurate assessment of what your current home is worth on the market today.  For areas we don’t know well, we can generate an extensive Seller’s Report for you.  This will give you a fair estimate and also provide much of the information a buyer will want to know about your property and the surrounding area.  This will provide a starting point for you and your listing agent in marketing your property.
If you are selling a home in Prescott, we can provide additional support and give you a more accurate estimate.

To request this service, click here: Home Valuation Report

Finding a Good Listing Agent
If you do not have a Realtor or would like help selecting one, we’d be glad to help you with that.  We have an extensive network of industry professionals, so we can find good agents in just about any area of the country.

To request this service, you can use the contact form here: Contact Us Form
In addition, we’d be glad to answer any questions you may have or assist in any way we can with your “outbound transaction.”

You May Be Old

Moving from one place to another is fraught with challenges. Don’t be surprised if the ordeal takes a bigger toll on you than you anticipate, because none of us are getting any younger. That’s why it’s important to pick agents who have understanding, patience… and a willingness to coddle a bit when it’s needed. It’s likely you’ll need all three.