Turkish Treat

From the people we love at St. Michael's Bistro on the corner of Whiskey Row, comes a little offshoot window you might be likely to miss... Don't!  They serve an obscure Turkish treat out of that little window you do not want to miss.  Find out all about it in this episode. 
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Voting With Your Feet

The power of voting can be a lot greater than you think, especially when you do it with your feet.  In this episode, we discuss the latest trend sweeping the nation: the Great Reshuffling - and why you might consider hopping aboard.
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County Seat

In the episode we explore yet another great Prescott restaurant located atop one of the town's historic buildings.  Great views, great atmosphere, and good eats.  Come check it out.
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LA is Alive Again

LA is finally back open, and taking advantage of the direct flight out of Prescott makes for an easy and fun trip.  In this episode we share our adventures among the recently unmasked and give high praise to Prescott's brand new airport terminal.

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Buyer Advisory

Buyers are often unaware that there are many things that sellers and their agents do not have to divulge to you… and questions you may have that even your own agent is not allowed to answer.

In this episode we reveal what these things are and where you can find the answers you need.

Download the Buyer’s Advisory at…

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