Doggie Redux

Having just made a couple of sweet additions to our little family, we thought we'd revisit one of our favorite topics: Pups!  In this episode, we introduce our two new puppies and talk about the joy of having dogs in our little town.

Having Fun With Your Dog in Prescott...

Tour of Prescott's Fabulous Dog Parks...
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One of the things that helps make Prescott special is we're all high here - that is, we are a mile above sea level.  Prospective buyers are often curious about the positive and negative effects this situation has on the people who live here, so we thought we'd explore that a bit in this latest episode.
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Post Possession

Sometimes the simplest solutions are not the best.  That's especially true when it comes to moving out of a home you just sold.  You'd think it would be no big deal to leave a few things in the home after you close - especially if the buyers don't mind.

In this episode we explain why that's not a good idea.
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Utilties & Our Free Concierge Service

People are always asking us about utilities, so we thought we would do an update on the cost (and availability!) of water, power, gas... and all the rest.

Also, we are delighted to announce a new, full-service, human-powered concierge service we offer to our clients for getting utilities disconnected where you're coming from and reconnected where you're going to... all completely free.

Previous Episode: Typical Utility Costs - Month by Month
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Vacation Buddies & Splitter (Splittr)

One of the joys of retirement is travel, and there's no place you'll find more fun people to travel with than Prescott.  

In this episode, we share stories of the great trips we've recently made with our buddy groups... plus a cool app that makes paying bills for large groups a snap.
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Love is in the Air

Since Valentine's Day is upon us, we thought we would talk about what the world needs most right now: Love.  We discuss the kind of people you are likely to run into and the relationships you can look forward to once you move to our little town. 

All heartfelt.  In fact, tears may have been shed.
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