Simplifying to Sell

Real estate has gotten kind of spiritual.  Life coaches and spiritual healers will tell you that the first and most important step in selling your property is to create a canvas that allows your buyers to paint a picture of their new lives inside your home.  

Deep, right?

While all that may make sense to sellers drinking mushroom tea, you may be looking for some more specific steps - a little less spiritual and a little more concrete.  

Well, in this Wine Down, we bring this concept straight down to earth (where most homes are sold anyway).  Come check it out!
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Oldie but Goodie

In this episode, we discuss one of Prescott's older subdivisions which is catching a lot of new attention lately.  It combines two great public golf courses, a relaxing clubhouse to meet friends, easy access to downtown, and a fascinating parade of private planes.  You too can live the life of John Travolta... maybe.  Come check it out!
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Crazy for Pickle Ball

As athletes grow older, they look for sports that are less demanding on the joints and more social.  For Baby Boomers, more and more that's Pickle Ball.  

In the episode we discuss this new craze, the facilities available in Prescott, and how Prescottonians are getting out of the house and into the kitchen.
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Coolest Music Venue


Honky tonkin' is something that's better when a) it doesn't end with a "g" and b) you share it with friends.  If you find your group's grown pretty big now that you've rolled up more friends you've found along the way, here's a great spot to end the night.  


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Hauled Water

Moving to a mountain town may bring to mind images of rugged outdoor living in remote forests... eating wild nuts and berries with the other animals. Well, dreams of getting away and off the grid are possible, but you'll need water. Here's how that works.
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