Meat Sticks & More

When it’s comfort food you’re looking for, there’s no better place around than Prescott’s family-owned diner located right in the crook of where Highways 89 and 69 meet – Prescott Junction. Cheeseburgers, meat loaf, home-made pies… with friendly service and 50’s music. Join us as we celebrate the re-opening of their famous breakfast bar, an extravagant spread featuring, among so many other things, the ever-elusive fried meat sticks – which you really don’t want to miss.

Solar Compass

Identifying where the sun rises and sets isn’t just for constructing megalithic structures in bronze age agricultural societies any more.

Sun exposure can greatly impact the living experience you have in your home and its value in the marketplace. Is there a precise way to track the sun’s path in the sky across the seasons of the year?

Well, ask a nerdy question, get a nerdy answer in this week’s episode. (Always be careful what you ask for.)