Drink Beer at the Office

You can have a lot more fun at the Office than you ever thought possible... No, not that office.  We're talking about the cool sports bar right off the square, with great drinks, pub food, and surprisingly good Mexican. 
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Matchy Matchy

Need to match a color... exactly? Maybe you need to touch up a section of your house that's faded, or you want to integrate a color in your favorite throw pillow into your overall room design.  Well, we've found just the thing: our favorite new gadget from our favorite paint store in Prescott. 
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McWhite’s                             928-772-9854
Fireman Movers                 928-899-5996

Magic Mystic Movers       808-346-4672
Moving On                             928-717-2658
Overall Moving                    928-277-5822

Lone Spur Cafe

New visitors to Prescott tend to gravitate first towards our town's historic Western venues, so it's surprising that it took us so long to check out this classic downtown destination.  If you're really into breakfast, don't repeat our mistake!  Jump on this one right away.
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The Prescott Lakes Experience

The largest subdivision in Prescott is Prescott Lakes, which is also one of the most popular.  In this episode, we cover the dozen or so neighborhoods that make up Prescott Lakes, and we discuss what makes it one of our town's go-to destinations for incoming homebuyers.  (Spoiler Alert: There's a lot to like!)
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