Music of Esteban

One of the things that surprised us most about Prescott was the quality of music here, and coming from New Orleans, our standards are pretty high. Of special note is the world-renowned classical guitarist Esteban, who is a local resident and performs locally at the historic Elks Theater. In this episode we recall his most recent appearance and what he has coming up.
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Colt BBQ

This time we celebrate great BBQ and a great extension of Prescott's traditional nightlife scene, Whiskey Row.  Come check out the local Colt BBQ chain in our latest restaurant review... and always take the rich option whenever possible. 
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The Fast Cash Option

 Selling a home can be grueling, particularly when it requires significant cleanup and prep... or when you're facing very difficult circumstances. If the idea of bypassing all that with a quick cash offer in hand sounds attractive to you, then you need to check out Express Offers - a new seller program we introduce in this episode. 
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Corvettes vs. Driveways

If you have a Corvette or other type of car that rides low to the ground, then you'll want to tune in for our latest Wine Down episode.  Here's the rub: Prescott is a town with terrain, so low-riding vehicles can bottom out easily here - especially in driveways that are steep or have not been properly graded.  

In this episode we reveal our very own Cajun-style invention you can use to check to make sure you can get the Corvette in the garage without scraping.  And like all good DIY tools, it's cheap to make and easy to use. 

You can find our episode on Bridjits here...

More info on the Bridjit device... 
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Coming Soon: Coming Soon

We've always been one tool short.  All over the country, sellers have used a "coming soon" status to let buyers know their homes are going up for sale.  But not in Prescott.  The local Realtor association has always deemed it a big no-no; that's changing.  In this episode, we talk about the policy change and what it will mean to buyers and sellers in the area. 
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