Super Models

If you’re thinking moving to Prescott is hard… well, you’re not wrong. Moving isn’t easy or fun. But moving to Prescott is SO worth it.

Just ask Prescott’s latest Super Couple, our good friends and the ultimate role models – Hal and Linda Bray. Learn why their advice is Just Do It… NOW! (Before It’s Too Late)

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Outside the Lines

Now that you’re free to go wild, it’s time to drive outside the lines!  Off-roading is big in Prescott, and in this episode the Pickle Lady interviews the guys at Summit Jeep Company – the premier off road vehicle service company in the area.  Find out just how easy and fun it is to kindle the rugged explorer inside you.

Summit Jeep:

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Hear the Pickle Lady confess just how unfaithful she can be and the secret behind her wild popularity with sellers (besides the pickles)… plus join us for a spectacular open house with a view to die for.

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Rock Crazed

The Pickle Lady reveals a deep longing for all things rock, as we discuss Prescott’s dell formations and day trips to nearby Sedona.  Share the altered mental reality as we embark on a journey through the vortex to find inner peace… kind of.

Red rock, layered mountain formations, and crystal power.  Avoid weekends and Spring Break if you can.  About an hour away.

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