Sewer & Water

Initiate your transfer at least five days in advance.

City of Prescott          928-777-1291
Must be done online.  Need copy of driver’s license – letter of credit to waive deposit or deposit $200 for a single family.

For areas outside of the City of Prescott…
Prescott Public Works     928-777-1130
Prescott Sewer Dept.       928-777-1118
Prescott Valley Water      928-759-3020
Town of Chino Valley      928-636-6084


Initiate your transfer at least five days in advance.

Unisource Energy      877-837-4968
Letter of credit dep.  Depends on address – usually 2X the average.  They will break it down.

Fast Food

There’s nothing like a fast food fix. If you have a hankering, chances are that Prescott can deliver.

In this episode we cover the Top 5 “Gotta Have” fast food places available in Prescott.

BTW: There is a Wendy’s in Prescott Valley.

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Prescott by the Numbers – May 2020

Why Prescott’s Real Estate is So CRAZY Right Now
Record low inventories, bidding wars, waived appraisals… Why is all this happening, and will it last?

In this month’s Prescott Home Value Report Summary Video, we provide a special report that shows exactly what the issues are and what’s likely to happen in the months ahead.

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Stupid Tax

A stupid tax is a tax you don’t have to pay if you’re smart enough to avoid it. Right now in real estate, across the country, people buying homes are pulling out their wallets to pay up – bidding up the price of homes well beyond what anyone thinks they’re really worth.

In this episode, we cover what we’re doing in the trenches to help our clients avoid paying the stupid tax.

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