Older homes can have dangerous stuff in them... things like asbestos.  In this episode, we discuss common places where asbestos can lurk and what to do if you find it.
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Property Taxes

Are property taxes ever good news?  Well, they come pretty close in Prescott.  

If you tired of paying through the nose for services that never materialize, then this episode is for you.  We talk turkey about taxes here in Prescott and how they compare to those in other, less fortunate places.
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Holidays in Prescott

There's a reason why Prescott is called "Arizona's Christmas City" -  it's so friggin' quaint you'll want to overdose yourself on hot mulled cider - put yourself in a cozy little coma.  

Lights, music, and good cheer abound.  In this episode, we cover what the Holiday Season is like in our little town (which extends well into January, by the way).
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Cover Bands

Prescott is a hot scene for good cover bands.  Whatever your taste in music, there is a cover band waiting at one of our local theaters to delight and entertain you.  With plenty of nearby dinner options, great music, small performance venues, and audiences that like to get up and dance - cover band nights in Prescott are do-not-miss events.
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