You May Be Old

Moving from one place to another is fraught with challenges. Don’t be surprised if the ordeal takes a bigger toll on you than you anticipate, because none of us are getting any younger. That’s why it’s important to pick agents who have understanding, patience… and a willingness to coddle a bit when it’s needed. It’s likely you’ll need all three.

Many Faces of Prescott

People have different notions of what Prescott is like largely because it is a lot of things. Depending on where you are in the city, the ground around you can be very different.

In this episode, we take the Pickle Van on a magical mystery tour of the many different types of terrain Prescott has to offer.

Video Transcript

Prescott Open Up

As Summer sets in, Prescott opens up a bit after weeks of corona quarantine. Get the latest as we drive around in the Pickle Van, now decked out in all its splendor.

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