Haunted Road Trip

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than sharing a burger with some local ghosts? Well, during our latest road trip in the Pickle Van, there were indeed some spirits… but no apparitions. Join the fun as we visit one of our favorite haunts with some very good friends in the Asylum.

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Precott’s Climate

We get lots of questions about Prescott’s climate. People around the country are convinced we are either too hot or too cold. The reality is that Prescott has four distinct seasons which are all quite pleasant. If you are considering having two homes so you can chase pleasant weather throughout the year, buying one home in Prescott may be a saner alternative.

Join in… Who knew talking about the weather could be so much fun?

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Appreciating Prescott’s Appreciation

Property appreciation is a powerful force in Prescott that people sometimes forget about… until it starts working against them. Join us in this episode for a better appreciation of appreciation, as we explore some of the dynamics of home values you may have missed.

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