Stained Glass

Whether it’s those three little square windows over your master bed or a particular spot that gets too much sun during part of the day, if your home has any of those “weirdo windows” and you’re not sure what to do with them, we may have the perfect solution: stained glass.

Turn full sun exposure into an asset with a gorgeous custom creation from our good friend, a local glass artist… or re-purpose an antique window from one of the local shops.

Check out some beautiful examples in this week’s episode.

Pete Churchill – (805) 205-3202

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Grinder Pumps

If your house goes over a cliff, you’ll probably need a grinder pump. A grinder pump takes what you don’t want and moves it up to a higher level, so you can get rid of it more easily.

Confused? Don’t be… For all the dirty details, check out this week’s episode.

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Toilets and Tushies

The latest rage in home decor is sure to take some of your most private moments up to a whole new level, plus a new game-changing technology that is just a blast… right where you need it most.

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People have been living in Prescott for a long, long time… and we have some very old rocks to prove it. Check out Prescott’s famous petroglyphs in our latest episode.

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