Dry Gulch Steakhouse

Once again we plug one of our favorite Prescott haunts.  This one serves great steaks, good music, and... as it turns out, heart-felt patriotism.  Join us as we share a very special moment we recently shared with some good friends there.
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Schedule Your Fun

Visiting Prescott is always a lot of fun, but it pays to plan in advance.  HOT TIP: Even if you aren't ready to buy... even if you're not sure this is the place for you... schedule some time with the Pickle Lady.  Here's why you'll be glad you did.

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Denver Adventure

It's easy to forget just how close places are to you when you've got local jet service right here in Prescott.  Hear about how easy it was for us to get away for a quick weekend jaunt to Colorado and the wonderful adventures we found there.
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Prescott by the Numbers – September 2020

It’s been a wild party, and we all knew it wouldn’t last forever.  Finally, things may be settling down… a bit.  The good news is that it doesn’t look like the hangover will be too bad at all.

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Escalating Things

In this episode we discuss an approach to making competitive bid situations more fair and effective for everyone.  No, it's not an auction.  It's simpler and getting more and more popular in the Prescott real estate market.
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