Kudos to Yavapai County

Do you get hives at the thought of dealing with local government agencies in your area?  Well, in Prescott you may find things are different... and better.  And if you get close enough, you may smell a skunk pig.
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Cocky’s Chicken & Brew

Don't mean to brag, but when you are the first point of expansion for a restaurant with chicken fingers that are this good... well, you get a little cocky.  Add some Southern-style catfish and a cold Kilt Lifter, and life just gets better.
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The Return of the Elks Theater

After two long years, the historic Elks Theater - a Prescott treasure - opens its "big" doors once again with a rockin' cover band. If you want to feel the earth... move... under your feet, this is the place. 
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Fretting a Crash?

People worry that what goes up must come down, and nothing has gone up more than real estate in recent years.  Are we overdue a crash?

In this episode, we share our thoughts on the crash potential for Prescott-area real estate.
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Fires & Fire Prevention

Been hearing about fires around Prescott?  In this episode, we cover current fires and firefighting in general... plus a yodeling pickle.  No kidding!

Here's a link to the Wine Down on Prescott's Various Terrains...
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