La Bruzza’s

We've said it before: Prescott does great Italian.  There are half a dozen wonderful Italian restaurants in town, but this is one of our very favorites.  If you see us there, make sure to hit us up for some wine.
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Buyers Are Back!

By now you've heard that real estate market is a crazy seller's market, with low inventory and houses flying off the shelves way above asking price.  

Well, guess what...  Buyers are back, baby!  

Things are changing quickly.  In this episode, we bring you the very latest from the front lines of Prescott-area real estate and what you can expect in the weeks and months ahead.
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Religious Groups

Religion in a city like Prescott is different from religion in Rug Rat communities focused primarily on raising children.  In this episode, we discuss the role of religious groups in the local community and the adult social scene.
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Happy Hours Decoded

Prescott loves a good happy hour, but figuring out where to go when has not always been easy... until now!  In this episode, we release the first edition of our exclusive Prescott Happy Hour Schedule. 

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Our episode on Superstition Meadery
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