Blooming In Prescott

Bloom where you're planted is a great idea... for plants. But since you're human, there's an even better option. Watch this week to learn why it's so easy, fun, and rewarding to bloom right here in Prescott.
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Bad Inspectors?

The results of your property inspection can make or break the deal. Find out what separates the good inspectors from the bad ones, and how to make sure you have the right one on your team whether you're buying or selling.
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Paint Viagra

We recently had to dispose of a number of cans of paint for a client, and discovered that you can't just throw it in the trash, or dump it down the drain - it has to be "hard" first. Today we're sharing the special ingredient to make that so.
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Your House’s Name

When serious buyers tour a dozen houses in one day, it's easy for them to forget which one is which. In this episode we share a secret about how they cope with this and how to use it to make your house stand out from the crowd.
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Prescott by the Numbers – September 2023

It’s been a strange month for real estate in our market.  Prescott and Prescott Valley are playing opposites – with one doing well on price but not so much on volume, the other doing great on volume but not so much on price.   

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3% Interest?

If you're waiting for the days of 3% interest to return before you buy a house... we have some news for you. Tune in today to find out what you can expect, and how you can make the best decision possible.
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