You’re Not My Agent, But…

We bend over backwards for our clients all the time – going over and beyond the “call of duty.” We are very proud of that. But if you insist on working with a different agent, shouldn’t THEY be ones bending over for you?

Some people just don’t get that. In this episode, the Pickle Lady gets a little feisty recollecting some outrageous demands made by people who readily admit that they are not working with her as their agent. Hilarious!

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Virtual Revolution

The pandemic has given rise to a new way of doing real estate – a virtual revolution; and, as always, the Pickle Lady is at the front of the charge. In this episode we explore the what, the why, and the how of real estate’s latest innovations.

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The Shovel Test

Good Realtors solve problems, and it is surprising just how many you can solve with the business end of a shovel. In the episode, the Pickle Lady recollects some tricky situations that only digging could resolve – and why that should be important to you.

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Corona Vs Prescott Real Estate

What’s gonna be the effect of the corona virus on Prescott real estate? Well, the Pickle Lady has a few tricks up her sleeve, so don’t get too down. Keep your social distance and come join the fun.

UPDATE: A few hours after this was filmed, we received word of the first presumptive positive case of the virus in Yavapai County – up near Sedona.

Also, we have moved toward using virtual open houses instead of in-person tours, which have gone over very well – take a peek.

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Spring Pickle Bouquet

Spring is springing and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh Pickle Bouquet. The Pickle Lady shows you how and discusses why RIGHT NOW is an AMAZING time to buy a home in Prescott – especially with all the chaos around the corona virus and stock market upheaval. Savvy investors take note!

UPDATE: This episode was filmed prior to changing rates, which have become volatile. “Dirt” is still a great investment, and a lot more stable.

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