Video Surveillance

With video cameras in every direction, nothing is private any more… including your preview of many of the homes for sale. In this episode, the Pickle Lady reveals the real estate implications of in-home surveillance and how best to protect yourself as a potential home buyer.

Mini Movies

The next big thing in selling luxury homes is “mini movies” – short videos that shows off not just the features of a home, but the lifestyle it affords to its owners.

In this episode, the Pickle Lady discusses this new trend and the mini movie projects we have under way to sell the Prescott lifestyle… and our clients’ homes.

See Our First Mini Movie Here –> (See Video Preview)


Concerned about radon? In this episode, the Pickle Lady gives you the low-down on what is, what causes it, where you will find it, and what you should do about it. Plus, we feature a stunning Prescott neighborhood nestled in the awe-inspiring rock formations known as the dells.

Vegas Road Trip

One of the big features of living in Prescott is the abundance of easy and fun road trips available… including Vegas, Baby! See the Pickle Lady mix it up with all the animals there on our recent trips to celebrate Gran Bobbie’s big 8 – 0.

Prescott 2020

The Pickle Lady grows nostalgic – remembering what 2019 was, what 2020 was supposed to be, and looking forward to the wonderful reality that lies just ahead for anyone who is ready to make this the year. Plus, share a sip in our favorite Prescott bar.

Traffic Control Test

Where do you find cutting-edge metro design experiments aimed at improving pedestrian and traffic flows, resource efficiencies, and the every-day life of citizens? Well, it’s the trail-blazing, pioneering world-class metropolises you would expect – like New York, Tokyo… and Prescott,AZ.

Check out the radical traffic control test Prescott is conducting right now just off of Whiskey Row, and find out what the Pickle Lady has to say about diagonal living.

Our Old Wine Down Mentioned: Traffic Calming

Musical Holiday

Prescott is Holiday Central these days – with plenty of lights, charm, special events… and wonderful music. In this episode, the Pickle Lady covers Prescott’s 30+ year tradition of Acker Night, our historic Elk’s Theater, the Rat Pack Christmas, and Prescott’s very own musical treasure: Esteban, the world-famous Spanish-style classical guitarist. Plus, we wear exceptionally ugly sweaters.


Prescott is destined to be a big renovation town, and right now this movement is starting to kick into gear. The Pickle Lady explains how buyers and sellers might want to consider this option and how to minimize risk and hassle associated with it.