Rainbows & Unicorns

One of the lesser known delights of Prescott is rainbows. Crazy amazing rainbows! Prescott area is Rainbow Central during Spring and late Summer. We’re not sure what brings them here… whether it’s the natural conditions or just the positive attitude of the place… but they are gorgeous!

Unicorns are more of a work in process.

Prescott’s Mt. Artists Guild

Prescott has a thriving cultural scene – with artists and musicians and all the things that make a city vibrant and fun. This week we join our good friend, “Jeannie-Weannie”, who gives us a quick tour of Prescott’s Mountain Artists Guild facility and shows us some of her own works displayed there in her gallery.

Haunted Road Trip

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than sharing a burger with some local ghosts? Well, during our latest road trip in the Pickle Van, there were indeed some spirits… but no apparitions. Join the fun as we visit one of our favorite haunts with some very good friends in the Asylum.

Precott’s Climate

We get lots of questions about Prescott’s climate. People around the country are convinced we are either too hot or too cold. The reality is that Prescott has four distinct seasons which are all quite pleasant. If you are considering having two homes so you can chase pleasant weather throughout the year, buying one home in Prescott may be a saner alternative.

Join in… Who knew talking about the weather could be so much fun?

Fires in Prescott

Arizona is known for Summer fires, and some of our viewers have expressed concern about Prescott. Short Answer: Although a lot of the fire fighting efforts come out of Prescott, we don’t get a lot of fires here – largely because Prescott manages fires… HARD! Hear all about it in this episode.