Egghead’s Delight

Prescott is smarter than your average small town, and true to form it boasts a most delightful bookstore right downtown.  If you love books, you won't want to miss it.  Hear all about it in this week's episode. 
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Love Letters

Buyers desperate for a home often like to send the sellers a "love letter," explaining who they are and why they love the home.  If you've ever received one, then you know how touching these letters can be.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have put the kibosh on them, so they're going away.  In this episode, we explain why.
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Prescott Hats

When you get close to the sun or out in the cold, sometimes the most important thing is what's up top.  In this episode, we discuss Prescott's affinity toward hats and demonstrate how they work for some but not so much for others. 
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The Big Picture

Part of starting a new life in Arizona is making space for pieces of it in your home, and if you have the wall space for it, we know just the thing.  Come check out our own ginormous new addition of Arizona spirit that just couldn't be more beautiful. 
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Prescott by the Numbers – July 2020

Why Prescott’s Real Estate is So CRAZY Right Now
Record low inventories, bidding wars, waived appraisals… Why is all this happening, and will it last?

In this month’s Prescott Home Value Report Summary Video, we continue our special report that shows exactly what the issues are, what’s likely to happen in the months ahead, and an early sign that things are going the way we expected.

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Doner Stand at St. Michael’s Bistro

From the people we love at St. Michael's Bistro on the corner of Whiskey Row, comes a little offshoot window you might be likely to miss... Don't!  They serve an obscure Turkish treat out of that little window you do not want to miss.  Find out all about it in this episode. 
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