Why We Love Prescott Lakes

If you've been watching us any time at all, you know we love our town; but what about our country club? We didn't care much for country clubs back where we came from, but Prescott Lakes is an entirely different ball game. Come find out why we love it, and why you will too!
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A Stinky Subject

We all have smells that we like and dislike. Trouble is, not everyone agrees on which scents are best. Watch this episode to find out how scent can sell your home -- or prevent it from selling. 
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Sky High Body Wash

Every time we visit California, we find another reason why people are wanting to leave.  On this trip, we found what may be the last straw for quite a few folks.  Find out how our most recent visit taught us the value of body wash...and living in a place where both crime and prices are low. 
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Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Prescott

We love our town; it has so many exceptional features and amenities! Still, it's not for everyone. This week we explore the possible drawbacks to living here, so that you can decide whether Prescott is your kind of town.
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Prescott by the Numbers – April 2023

Tired of hearing about how real estate is imploding… and the world is ending… and your dog hates you?

Well, how about a big dose of good ol’ fashioned we-are-kicking-ass news about Prescott-area real estate?  Take a gander:

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Mosquitoes & Other Crawlies

In some parts of the country, every time you open a door or window, some kind of creepy-crawly thing flies, buzzes, or crawls inside. 

But what about in Prescott? In this episode we give you the lowdown on mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, scorpions and more.
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