Horrifying Home Styles

If you're trying to sell a house, it's a good idea to know the factors that affect the desirability of your home. From carpeting around the toilet to dated faux finishes, there are some things buyers can't unsee. Tune in as we share the styling details you want to avoid...lest they send buyers running away in horror.
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Healthcare – Up Close & Personal

What do YOU consider the most important aspect of healthcare? Choice of providers? Variety of services? Nurse attractiveness? Randal and Diane discuss these and many other elements of the healthcare situation in Prescott, and share some *very* personal details along the way.
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Unsui Japanese Restaurant

If you've never tried authentic Japanese cuisine, you need to check out this week's video. We'll give you the lowdown on a fantastic new spot in town, and as a bonus, you get to hear Randal try to pronounce udon.
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A Shocking Problem

Coming from the sweaty South, we love the cool, dry summers in Prescott. But low humidity does have one effect you might not expect - static electricity. Watch today to discover how we deal with this potentially shocking issue.

hello folks hello peeps hello and hello and hello yeah it’s us this is Diana Randall bro here coming to you from Prescot Arizona we are your local Friendly helpful husband and wife real estate team um we work hard for you and we’re here to talk to you give you a good Public Service Announcement Public Service Announcement about static electricity static electricity so as you may know uh it the uh humidity is low here which is really nice it makes for uh nicer Summers makes for nicer Winters uh you know you’re not constantly sweating I I really have come to embrace low humidity in fact last year we went back to Louisiana where we’re from and she and I both were like oh my God I’m wet you it was just horrible the downside there is a down low humidity is static electric static electricity so for all of you coming here God forbid if you have Pacemaker a Pac maker no I’m kidding or any kind of any kind of Health qu you might you might recharge yourself a little more than you think no I’m kidding it doesn’t do that that’s a joke that’s a joke that’s a joke but uh because it is dry here sometimes you’ll be walking with your shoes on carpet or something you get a little static going and then you touch something and it will wake the hell out of you well if you’re not used to it so we’ve been been here now for what seven years or something and I get shock I still get shocked all the time but you get used to it you know the first time sound it makes a loud sign sometimes you even see a spark you know if it’s kind of dark you’ll see a spark and uh it takes a little getting used to at the beginning it was a little unnerving like why why is there so much stat why I never had I haven’t ever had this much static before it’s just the weather here just the dryness the low humidity it’s the perfect St it scares you more than anything else it’s not really uh painful but if you’re not expecting it it’s it’s like someone saying boo you know you seem like geez I’m shocking myself left and right I’m shocking myself left and right you’ll get used to it welcome to preset yeah it’s part of the deal it’s an Electrifying Town electrifying Town town in more ways than one yeah so when you come here and you get a little jump every now and then it’s a little extra something put your little pep in your step yeah makes you feel alive it’s good and some people here need to have a little static yeah if yeah yeah that’s true if you uh well I guess I was going to say if you’re working with a computer they used to tell you you know try to ground yourself but now most most of the time if you’re working with a mouse that doesn’t have a cord you’re okay yeah if you have like a laptop you might want to ground yourself ground yourself ground yourself be grounded you’re going to get a little Get grounded and nipped nip a little a little static you want to nip your computer we’ve never that’s never happened to us no but uh I would imagine that’s really the only the only thing I can think of that might be significant because of static electricity so when you move here you might be like wow I’m just getting shocked left and right it’s normal yeah um it’s par for course here don’t be alarmed um just count it as a little blessing when you’re tired you know wake you up a little bit wake you up a little bit and it always makes me laugh because he jumps and makes a sound and nothing makes me laugh more than when people get hurt I don’t know why it it’s always hits me harder I don’t know why I guess I’m a drier person than you are I don’t know but I always seem to get shocked and she always seems to be the one laughing yes it is it it it can be kind of funny so that’s just a very important PSA a little PSA we thought we’d share with you don’t get don’t be upset it’s an electrifying Town electrifying town it’s part of life here so if you need Buying Or Selling Home any help buying or selling a home please call us we are happy to help you happy to show you you around and you can reach us at well you can reach us on our website we have a free information site available at pickle 411.com whether you a buyer seller somewhere in between there’s something there waiting for you that will Amaze a stound electrify electrify yes good form I like how you you know tie that work that in would that clever yes you Loop that back that was good that is a loop back that was a loop back good job good job good job there it is all right cheers to you cheers to me all right have a wonderful rest of your day nice to see you bye Wind Down bye[/read]