Fix & Sell

Rather than letting a "flipper" come in and make a quick buck, why not "flip" your own house, and get the most money possible for it? We'll give you the lowdown on which improvements will raise the price of your house the most, how to find the people to do the updates, and most importantly... how to pay for it all.

Blog post on how to buy now, sell later.
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Easter Buffets

Who doesn't love a good brunch buffet? Here in Prescott, Easter is one of the best times to find fabulous buffets featuring all your brunch favorites. We'll clue you in on the best ones to check out. Don't pass up this delicious opportunity, since it only comes once per year!
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Who Pays What?

When you're buying or selling a home, there are always any number of ancillary expenses (or "closing costs"), which can be substantial.  If you are like a lot of people, you may be a bit fuzzy on who pays what.

So in this episode, we cover exactly that: We lay out what are the various expenses associated with a transaction, and who is responsible for paying which items.

Buyer Estimate Example PDF
Seller Estimate Example PDF
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Water Worries

Worried about water issues in Arizona?  Well, in this episode we discuss the communities that are having trouble and what that might mean for the city of Prescott.
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