Have you ever noticed that giant golf ball over at Embry-Riddle and wondered what it was?

Tune in today to find out what’s inside, and what it can teach you about the Prescott night sky.

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The Local

Whenever a new restaurant opens, we try to be among the first to make it in to try it out. We have been dreadfully slow this time, but let me tell you…it was worth the wait!

Check out today’s video to get the scoop on the food, the furnishings, and the al fresco at The Local.

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UV Bug Lights

Coming from New Orleans where cockroaches are the size of Volkswagens, we laugh at the so-called bugs here in Prescott. However, if you want your Prescott home to be absolutely free of flying insects, we have discovered a great little device to help you out, with no disturbing zapping sounds or having to clean fried bug carcasses later!

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The When To Do It Game

There is an optimum time for every aspect of the home-buying process, and doing things in the wrong order can have BIG costs. Watch today’s video to find out what that means for both buyers and sellers.

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