Thai in Prescott

Gird your loins, start with a low number, and jump right in! You won’t be sorry. Prescott has tons of wonderful Thai restaurants, and if you are too chicken of the spice, you’re REALLY missing out.

In this episode we cover our favorite Thai places and reveal how their numbered spiciness system can make even the blandest of palates come alive.

Italian Restaurants

If you like Italian food, this is your town! Prescott does Italian exceptionally well. Here are our four favorites.

  •  Papa’s*: Fanciest of the Italian fare.
  •  Rosa’s*: Great venue.  Sausage sub is awesome.  Just off square on Gurley.
  • Carmella’s*: Newest Italian entrant, right off square. They’ll stuff olives with blue cheese for your martini if you ask for it.
  •  LaBruzza’s: Bring your own wine / liquor.  A personal favorite.
  •  Limoncello*: Northern Italian.  Home-made limoncello.